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OffTheEdge SAFFRON and OffTheEdge WATTLE

Born on 18 September 2015

This is Saffron's second litter and 7 seems to be her number. What gorgeous Caramel and Gold partis and 3 lovely caramel Labradoodles. Once again the girls are in the minority. There are 4 boys and 3 girls. Because these pups are at the borderline between Miniatures and Mediums, some will be miniatures and some mediums.

All these puppies have found their families. Except Puppy 3 who is still looking for her family.

The Puppies at birth and at two, four and six weeks

Puppy One

Male born at 11.10 am weighting 250g
Miniature/Medium - Fleece - Gold Parti - Adopted -

Puppy Two

Male born at 11.25 am weighting 301g
Miniature/Medium - Fleece - Caramel Parti - Adopted -

Puppy Three

Female born at 11.40 am weighting 295g
Miniature/Medium - Wool - Caramel - Adopted

Puppy Four

Female born at 12.05 am weighting 289g
Miniature/Medium - Wool - Caramel - Adopted -

Puppy Five

Male born at 12.15 am weighting 303g
Miniature/Medium - Fleece - Caramel - Adopted

Puppy Six

Female born at 12.4 am weighting 265g
Miniature/Medium - Wool - Gold Parti - Adopted -

Puppy Seven

Male born at 12.50 weighting 331g
Miniature/Medium - Fleece - Gold parti - Adopted -

Puppy Eight

Male born at 11.10 weighting373g
Medium - Fleece - Apricot - Adopted -

Puppy Nine

Female born at 11.30 am weighting 338g
Medium - Fleece - Red - Adopted -

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