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OffTheEdge MERRANGO and OffTheEdge PurpleHeart

Miniatures born on 29 January 2017

This is Merrango's second litter and what gorgeous Chocolate and Black puppies she has had. And ALL females. Looks like the tide has turned and the girls are back in the top numbers. She is such a good Mum and the little ones are contend and happy. 

Allocation will be a bit later.

The Puppies at birth and at two, four and six weeks

Puppy One

Female born at 9.15 pm weighing 274g
Miniature - Fleece - Black 

Puppy Two

Female born at 10.36 pm weighing 284g
Miniature - Fleece/Wool - Chocolate -

Puppy Three

Female born at 10.41 pm weighing 285g
Miniature - Wool - Chocolate -

Puppy Four

Female born at 10.58 pm weighing 202g
Miniature - Fleece - Chocolate -

Puppy Five

Female born at 11.10 pm weighing 293g
Miniature - Wool - Black -

Puppy Six

Male born at 11.13 am weighing 351g
Standard - Fleece - Red - Adopted -


Puppy Seven

Male born at 1.02 pm weighing 287g
Standard - Fleece - Black - Adopted -

Puppy Eight

Female born at 1.32 pm weighing 325g
Standard - Fleece - Black - Adopted -

Puppy Nine

Female born at 2.39 am weighing 297g
Standard - Fleece - Black - Adopted -

Puppy Ten

Male born at 4.26 pm weighing 404g
Standard - Fleece - Red - Adopted -

Puppy Eleven

Male born at 7.12 pm weighing 430g
Standard - Fleece - Black - Adopted -

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