off the edge labradoodles 

OffTheEdge MORA and OffTheEdge BOLLY
Miniatures Born on 20 September 2019


This is MORA's second litter and she had 4 puppies. She had 2 girls and 2 boys. All in different shades of creams and golds. She is a very sweet Mum and is looking after all her little ones well. These are due to go home first week of November 2019.

These puppies will be going to the families on the waiting list.

The Puppies at birth and at two, four and six weeks

Puppy One

Male born at 11.35 pm weighing 270 g
Miniature - loose wool - gold -


Puppy Two

Female born at 12.48 pm weighing 270 g
Miniature - Fleece - gold parti -


Puppy Three - available

Male born at 1.04 am weighing 215 g
Miniature - Fleece - gold -


Puppy Four - available as a Guardian puppy

Female born at 2.45 am weighing 261 g
Miniature - Fleece - gold 

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