off the edge labradoodles 

OffTheEdge LYRATA and OffTheEdge TORNILLO

Mediums Born on 24 August 2020


This is LYRATA's third litter and she had 6 puppies. She had 4 girls and 2 boys. All lovely and light and dark red. As we know from her previous litters she is a great Mum and looks after her little ones well. Due to go home on 16 October.

These puppies will be going to the families on the waiting list.

The Puppies at birth and at two, four and six weeks

Puppy One

Female born at 7:55pm weighing 313g
Medium- Fleece - Red -


Puppy Two

Female born at 8:44pm weighing 283g
Medium- Fleece - Red -


Puppy Three

Female born at 9:33pm weighing 391g
Medium- Fl/Wl - Red -


Puppy Four

Male born at 9:44pm weighing 348g
Medium- wool - apricot -


Puppy Five

Male born at 10:00pm weighing 335g
Medium- Fleece - Red -


Puppy Six

Female born at 11:19pm weighing 373g
Medium- Fleece - Red -

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