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Off The Edge (WA) Pty Ltd
P.O Box 93 Manjimup
WA 6258

M: 0427 916 419
Text only please. Voice does not work very well in our area. We prefer FIRST contact with the form on the right or by email.

We are proud to have won the 2017 PIAA Breeder of Excellence Award as a recognition of our quality Oodles and our five star breeding facility. Plus the love and care at the home-away-from-home we provide our breeding girls when they come and have their pups with us.

About Us


of Quality John and Claire Mitchell and our labradoodle family live in South Western Australia in the beautiful Karri Forests region. As we do not believe that our labradoodles should be kept in kennels, we are committed to remain an intimate family Labradoodle breeder. Our focus as a Labradoodle breeder in Western Australia will be to offer quality, sound, healthy dogs as genuine family companions and never compromise the wonderful qualities of the Labradoodle breed. We believe that the Australian Labradoodle will continue to develop as a very sound and genetic disease free breed. Unlike many of the breeds developed long ago that are riddled with serious genetic health issues because there was no health testing available, or the technology was not there to do the required health testing.


We did our research and continue to research new ways of health testing, looking for soundness, good DNA profiles, good temperament, good structure, well balanced, top quality Labradoodles for our breeding program. And of course they would have to be people dogs who enjoy human interaction above all else.


Ask for a copy of the health tests of our parent dogs, so that you are sure you will be getting a labradoodle puppy of quality. If you are interested in a particular combination of parent labradoodles, get in touch with us and we can discuss if your wishes are possible.


We live on 25 acres and we have plenty of room for the dogs to exercise. Our dogs are a very big part of our life and we have great joy and pleasure from spending time with them at home and taking them on walks. We love to teach them new things and marvel at how eager they are to learn.


Many of our breeding labradoodles enjoy the comfort and love of their very own home and families, coming back to our farm to have their puppies. They come to us happily and enjoy being at their home away from home place and also glad to be back with their own family once the novelty of looking after puppies has worn off! It is always such a pleasure to share the love of the girls when they come to the farm, it really enhances our lives.


Please do contact us if you have any enquiries regarding this truly magnificent breed or ask about our upcoming litters. Check our Puppy pages to see what is in the pipeline.


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