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OffTheEdge JATOBA and OffTheEdge Platanus

Born on 21 February 2017 

This is Jatoba's second litter and what gorgeous Red/Gold and Chocolate puppies she has. She had 7 this time, 3 girls and 4 boys. They are beautiful and silky. Jatoba is such a gentle girl with a gorgeous soft dark chocolate fleece coat and an absolute great temperament. She just loves being with puppies.

These puppies will be allocated later.

The Puppies at birth and at two, four and six weeks

Puppy One

Female born at 4.17 am weighing 337g
Standard - Fleece - Apricot -

Puppy Two

Male born at 5.28 am weighing 406 g
Standard - Fleece - Chocolate --

Puppy Three

Male born at 5.42 am weighing 391 g
Standard - Fleece - Apricot -

Puppy Four - SPRUCE

Female born at 6.12 am weighing 358 g
Standard - Fleece - Chocolate - Available in the guardian program

Puppy Five

Male born at 6.25 am weighing 359 g
Standard - Fleece - Chocolate -

Puppy Six

Male born at 9.34 am weighing 372 g
Standard - Fleece - Chocolate -

Puppy Seven

Female born at 10.20 am weighing 405g
Standard - Fleece - Apricot -


Puppy Eight

Female born at 1.32 pm weighing 325g
Standard - Fleece - Black - Adopted -


Puppy Nine

Female born at 2.39 am weighing 297g
Standard - Fleece - Black - Adopted -

Puppy Ten

Male born at 4.26 pm weighing 404g
Standard - Fleece - Red - Adopted -

Puppy Eleven

Male born at 7.12 pm weighing 430g
Standard - Fleece - Black - Adopted -

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