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DOB: 20/01/2012.
ALA Reg: B9100169500
Size: Miniature
Coat: Wool
Colour: Chocolate
Grade: LO4p
DNA Profile: 12-091281
Eyes-PRA: Clear A
Elbows: Passed
Hips: Passed

ADELISE is a sister of our lovely Teak, but of a later litter. Adelise is full of spunk, full of fun and full of life. When she is with her sister Teak, it’s a competition to see which has the most stamina!! Adelise loves cuddling up in your arms and be with you all the time. She also loves roaming on the farm and never wonders too far. She is very good on or off the leach.


Sire = La Maison Beau

 Dam = Kaholan Cherry Berry
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